What is sandtray therapy and why does it work?

Sandtray therapy is an experiential technique that allows clients to create visual worlds using miniatures within a tray of sand. Emotional parts of the brain communicate better through image and metaphor, so sandtray therapy allows for the client and therapist to access these parts of the brain more easily. Sandtray therapy is a technique used for all ages and is is used in conjunction with talk therapy to process trauma and autobiographical memory.

Your body holds a lot of information about what you have learned about the world and what you are currently experiencing. In therapy, I help clients to learn to start listening to the messages their bodies are sending. By paying attention to your bodily sensations and movements, you can learn to enhance the brain/body connection and increase a sense of felt safety in the world.

colse-up photo of brown wooden doll
colse-up photo of brown wooden doll

What is body work?

What is "parts" work?

In Internal Family Systems therapy, it is believed that everyone's inner worlds are made up of different parts that all serve a purpose. In parts work, I help the client identify the different parts that have been serving their systems and help clients to understand the important role these parts are playing. By creating curiosity and understanding of your parts, they can learn to work together to create a healthier and happier inner landscape.